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Music Festival season is well underway and we are quickly approaching the big one; UK's Reading (and Leeds) Festival. It's been a long standing tradition for attendees to honor at least one band each year with a good old fashion bottling. A bottling is comprised of two parts booing with one part water bottle tossed in for good measure. Today, we take a stroll down memory lane and revisit five of the all time worst (or depending on your point of view, best) bottlings from the Reading festival. Disclaimer: We are not promoting the throwing of any objects at performers.

550 Cent & G-Unit - 2004

What happens when a band attends a festival that is clearly not aimed at their demographics? A tsunami of bottles, that's what. We almost feel sorry for 50 cent and G-Unit, they didn't stand a chance at Reading 2004.

4My Chemical Romance - 2007

Reading Festival attendees apparently didn't get the memo: Don't feed the emos after midnight and don't let the emos touch water. MCR was heavily bottled as they walked on stage in 2007 before they even began playing. They did not transform into gremlins.

3Daphne and Celeste - 2000

I'll let Celeste (or is it Daphne?) explain this one: "Some people hate you so much, they keep throwing things at you repeatedly, there's some people who'd throw whatever they had". Now there's dedication we can stand behind.

2FF'ers (also NOT known as the Foo Fighters) - 2008

The Foo Fighters may be big in the US but they are absolutely huge in the United Kingdom. When a band listed as the FFers mysteriously appeared on the Reading lineup in 2008, fans waited eagerly for David Grohl and friends to come on stage. Instead, they were greeted with a less than stellar band (known as the FF'ers) who didn't know what they had coming. Fans booed and started yelling "We want Foo". When they realized that the Foo Fighters weren't actually there, they changed their chants to "We want tits". It could have gotten a lot uglier than this:

1Panic At The Disco - 2006

Panic at the Disco were bottled two years in a row at Reading. In 2006, unfortunately for lead singer Brendon Urie, a glass container knocked him out and gashed his eye. He got back up ten minutes later and finished his set.

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