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6"My Triangle" sung by James Blunt, a parody of "You're Beautiful"

What makes James Blunt sad? Losing his triangle of course.

James explains to Telly the reasons why he loves his triangle so much. Telly understands his pain singing, "it must be those angles that put a smile on your face, not to mention the hypotenuse". Deep.

5"Slimey to the Moon" sung by Tony Bennett, a parody of "Fly me to the Moon"

When our favourite little worm, Slimy goes on a space mission to the moon, Tony Bennett sings about his adventures in a parody of, "Fly Me to the Moon"

4"Pride" sung by The Goo Goo Dolls, a parody of "Slide"

With a name like Goo Goo Dolls, you'd think they were a band made up by the Sesame Street writers, but no, the Grammy nominated band created that name themselves. They appeared on the show performing a parody of their hit "Slide".

John Rzeznik and the rest of the guys teach Elmo that the great feeling he gets when he ties his shoes and gets dressed by himself, is pride.

3"1234", sung by Leslie Feist, a parody of "1234"

Sesame Street and counting go hand in hand, so having Feist on the show singing a parody of her hit "1234" was fitting.

From counting four monsters, four penguins, and four chickens we learn the basics of counting to four with this Canadian songstress.

2"Furry Happy Monsters" sung by R.E.M, a parody of "Shiny Happy People"

What could be better than shiny happy people? Furry happy monsters of course!

This song is a rollercoaster of emotions from all of the monsters being really happy, to them feeling sad. Have no fear, the monsters get happy once again after R.E.M's Michael Stipe tells them, "you don't have to cry, we can be happy!"

Valuable words of wisdom if you ask me.

1"Hot N Cold" Sung by Katy Perry, A Parody of "Hot N Cold"

Unfortunately for Katy Perry, parents found this video to be too hot for their kids. After only a few days, this video was pulled from the Sesame Street website mainly because Katy's outfit was deemed inappropriate.

This parody of Perry's "Hot N Cold" features Katy chasing Elmo around the streets trying to figure out why Elmo is giving her the cold shoulder.