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4Beck - Diamond Bullocks

It's always a mystery when a band decides against listing an excellent song on an album. Perhaps Diamond Bullocks didn't fit the rest of the vibe of Beck's Mutations, or maybe it was intended to be released Odelay but didn't make the cut in time.

3Pearl Jam - Master / Slave

Master / Slave is actually a two part hidden track off of Pearl Jam's Ten. Master serves as an album opener and Slave as the closer however, the songs only count as one track on the album.

2The Clash - Train In Vain

The only reason The Clash's Train in Vain was a secret track was because it was added at the very last moment to London Calling after the sleeve had already gone into production. We're glad they decided to release it anyway.

1Queens Of The Stone Age - Mosquito Song

It's a shame that Mosquito Song wasn't part of the main track list of Songs For The Deaf. It's a sweet little acoustic song by Queens Of The Stone Age.