Top 10 Best Songs of 2013

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With 2013 out of the way, it's time to look at our favorite tunes from yesteryear. 2013's list has a few familiar faces, a lot of new talent, and some veterans who have reinvented themselves.

10Tegan and Sarah - Closer

These Canadian twins make things physical with this modern disco-style tune.

9Vampire Weekend - Hannah Hunt

Let me just get this one little bit out of the way: Hannah Hunt is the best Vampire Weekend song. Period.

8The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather

The Neighbourhood has been on fire this year. Sweater Weather was just one of the excellent tracks off of I Love You.

7Cage The Elephant - Come A Little Closer

Ever since frontman Matthew Shultz broke his nose, Cage The Elephant's sound has taken a new direction--one that we definitely approve of.

6Capital Cities - Safe And Sound

Not only is this a catchy tune by Capital Cities, but is that a freakin' trombone?

5Arcade Fire - Reflektor

Arcade Fire love to have fun and it shows in their latest album Reflektor. The self-titled track will get you off your seat and dancing in no time.