Listen: Radiohead Plays Creep Live For First Time In 7 Years

1 minute read

It's impossible to believe but Radiohead was once deemed a one-hit wonder. Way back in 1992, Creep was the only major hit from their debut album Pablo Honey. Radiohead completely changed their sound for their second album, The Bends, and proved that they were, in fact, a very talented band with more than one hit song. Still, fans demanded Creep, and they would not stop requesting the song at concerts. Creep was Radiohead's breakout track but it was starting to drain them. The band decided to never play the song live, or at least, play it very sporadically. It's so rare that Radiohead will play Creep live that the last time they did so was in 2009. That all changed tonight when they finally performed their first hit live in Paris during their second encore. Enjoy because who knows when they'll play it again.