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Lemon Jelly - Lost Horizons

The artwork for Lost Horizons comes to us the band's own Fred Deakin. This was actually created via a 3d model using the Maya software. Early versions of the record had a six-panel cover that featured the same landscape at night and during the day.

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Van Halen - 1984

This wasn't the artwork that was originally commissioned by the band but they loved this painting, by artist Margo Nahas, of a putto stealing a cigarette so much that they went with it.

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The Beatles - Abbey Road

When your album's cover makes a street corner a landmark, you know that you've accomplished something special.

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Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures

What you're seeing here is an inverted photo of a radio wave from pulsar PSR B1919+21. The album art was originally textured on the original version of Unknown Pleasures.

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David Bowie - Aladdin Sane

The iconic shot of Bowie with a lightning bolt over his face was once described by The Guardian's Brian Duffy as the "Mona List of album covers".

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Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

This iconic cover depicts one man selling his soul to another. The man on fire is clearly unfazed by the inferno that has engulfed him -- see last year's "This is fine" comic. While Wish You Were Here's cover is memorable, what most people don't know is that upon its release, the album was shrink wrapped entirely in black and you couldn't actually see the record's art.

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Tool - Lateralus

Tool covers have always been a mindf**k. Lateralus came with special 3D glasses built right into the case that let you see different layers of the human body.

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