Twenty One Pilots Concert Review and Photos

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Usually Montreal gets our first few snowflakes on the ground mid to late October, but this year, they came early; at least for those of us at the Bell Centre last night.

As frontman Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun took to the stage amidst and indoor "snow" storm, the duo took some time to take time to savour the the thousands of screaming fans, some of who camped out in front of the venue a day before the show. Good Day got things going, followed by No Chances which ended with Tyler flying off of the stage only to return for Guns for Hands. 

A few of songs into the set, there was a short pause, and you could see it on Tyler's face that he was getting emotional thanks to the boisterous crowd. Considering we were at the Bell Centre, it was only fitting that the famous Ole Ole chants rang out through the building leaving the duo speechless. After taking in the love from the crowd, the band played Chlorine. 

Making his way to a smaller stage set up in front of the soundboard, Tyler got the crowd involved by splitting us up into sections so that when certain words were said, each section would raise their cell phones creating a light wave that sailed around the venue. 

The band tried to please all of their fans, old and new, cramming their setlist full of tracks by creating mashups and medleys. One of those medleys came next, playing fan favourites off of all of their albums including, Addict With a Pen, Forest, Ode to Sleep, Hometown, Bandito, and Choker.

Tyler then headed back to the main stage joined by Josh and the rest of the band for a little campfire acoustic session. Migraine, was followed by another two mashups of The Hype, Nico and the Niners, and Tear in My Heart, with House of Gold, and We Don't Believe What's on TV. 

Turning up the volume once again, the next few songs included smoke machines, flames, and what seemed like non stop confetti falling from the ceiling. Eventually Tyler made his way back to the smaller stage and during their song Ride, he actually jumped onto an inflatable mattress and took a ride back to the main stage. 

Throughout the show, Tyler was a man on the move. From the main stage, to the smaller stage, from jumping into the crowd, to finally climbing the raised platform for their performance of one of their more popular tracks, Stressed Out. To close out the show, they played Heathens, followed by Trees.

This was my first time seeing Twenty One Pilots, and they blew my expectations out of the water. I knew I would be in for a good show based on what I've heard, but last night far surpassed that. Being a Friday night, it was the perfect start to the weekend for most of the crowd. 

This leg of the Icy Tour continues through to September; for more info visit their websites.


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